Assistant Professor Anna Ignatowicz-Glińska, DMus

Pho­to Mar­ta Skot­nic­ka-Kars­ka

A com­pos­er, born on 1968 in War­saw.

She com­plet­ed stud­ies in com­po­si­tion at the Fry­deryk Chopin Acad­e­my of Music in War­saw (now Fry­deryk Chopin Uni­ver­si­ty of Music), class of Prof. Włodz­imierz Kotońs­ki (diplo­ma 1996, grade: very good). She is an Assis­tant Pro­fes­sor at her par­ent uni­ver­si­ty, where she con­ducts class­es in Propaedeu­tics of Com­po­si­tion and Arrange­ment, Orches­tra­tion and Score Read­ing at the Depart­ment of Choir Con­duct­ing, Music Edu­ca­tion, Church Music, Rhyth­mics and Dance and at Post­grad­u­ate Stud­ies in Com­po­si­tion. In 2012–2016, she was a super­vi­sor of Aca­d­e­m­ic and Artis­tic Stu­dent Cir­cle of the Depart­ment of Com­po­si­tion, Con­duct­ing and The­o­ry of Music.

She grad­u­at­ed from the Depart­ment of Rhyth­mics, the Fry­deryk Chopin State Sec­ondary Music School in War­saw no. 2 (now the Com­plex of State Music Schools), rhyth­mics class of B. Turs­ka and K. Tomaszkiewicz, and piano impro­vi­sa­tion class of Prof. S. Esztényi. She also taught piano and instru­men­tal impro­vi­sa­tion at the FCAM and at music schools (e.g. the Karol Szy­manows­ki Com­plex of State Music Schools no. 4, 1995–2009), and work­shops for stu­dents and teach­ers; she also has a title of a nom­i­nat­ed teacher.

She won the schol­ar­ships of the Union of Authors and Stage Com­posers (1999, 2001, 2012, 2015), the Min­istry of Cul­ture and Nation­al Her­itage (2008, 2010) and the Insti­tute of Music and Dance (2012–13, 2014, 2015). Her pieces have been per­formed at con­certs and fes­ti­vals in Poland and abroad (e.g. in Ger­many, Aus­tria, Czech Repub­lic, Rus­sia, France, Switzer­land, Den­mark, USA, Latin Amer­i­ca, Chi­na, Ukraine), record­ed on albums (Audite, DUX, Acte Préal­able, Mons, Polo­nia Records, SARTON, SWR2 Deutsch­land­funk, Chopin Uni­ver­si­ty Press) and pub­lished (Norsk Musik­for­lag, PWM [Pol­ish Music Pub­lish­er]). She won awards and dis­tinc­tions at com­posers’ com­pe­ti­tions – such as the Audi­ence Award and dis­tinc­tion at the 6th Inter­na­tion­al A. Petrov Com­pe­ti­tion (Sankt Peters­burg, 2012) and the 2nd Award at the “Mikołów Days of Music” Com­pe­ti­tion (Mikołów, 2013). She is also inter­est­ed in music lit­er­a­ture and writ­ing (pub­li­ca­tions in pro­fes­sion­al lit­er­a­ture and music mag­a­zines).

She is a mem­ber of the Union of Authors and Stage Com­posers and the Pol­ish Com­posers’ Union (Sec­re­tary of the War­saw Branch since 2009, Gen­er­al Board Mem­ber since 2017), the Pol­ish Soci­ety for Elec­troa­coustic Music (PSEME), and Board Mem­ber of the “Music Meet­ings” Foun­da­tion. Among her achieve­ments is co-author­ship of a few mul­ti­me­dia projects con­sti­tut­ing a syn­the­sis of arts and being a result of coop­er­a­tion of artists of dif­fer­ent domains. Between 2010 and 2013, she par­tic­i­pat­ed in a train­ing course for teach­ing staff of the Fry­deryk Chopin Uni­ver­si­ty of Music as part of the Interuni­ver­si­ty Mul­ti­me­dia Spe­cial­ty (EU project closed in 2013).

In 2016, she was elect­ed Vice-Dean of the Depart­ment of Choir Con­duct­ing, Music Edu­ca­tion, Church Music, Rhyth­mics and Dance (term of office 2016–2020).

last modified: 23/02/2018