Vocal and Acting StudiesVOCAL AND ACTING STUDIES

Vocal and Acting Studies

Types of stud­ies:

The pow­ers of the Depart­ment Coun­cil:
The Coun­cil of the Depart­ment of Vocal and Act­ing Stud­ies is enti­tled to award the doc­tor­al and post-doc­tor­al degrees in the field of musi­cal arts, artis­tic dis­ci­pline of vocal stud­ies.

Aims and activ­i­ty:
The Depart­ment pre­pares young art pro­fes­sion­als in terms of singing and act­ing to work both at musi­cal the­atres – opera, operetta, musi­cal, and activ­i­ty on con­certs stages in var­i­ous vocal forms – song, can­ta­ta, ora­to­rio. The cur­ricu­lum cov­ers the sub­jects pro­vid­ing vocal prepa­ra­tion (Solo Singing, Work with Pianist, Opera Stage Devel­op­ment, Study of Recita­tive, Exe­cu­tion of Baroque Music, Cham­ber Music, Vocal Ensem­bles) as well as gen­er­al music and human­i­ties sub­jects.
In order to allow stu­dents obtain vocal and stage expe­ri­ence the Depart­ment coop­er­ates with the Great The­atre – Nation­al Opera and the War­saw Cham­ber Opera, where stu­dents real­ize full size opera per­for­mances.
They also have a chance to par­tic­i­pate in numer­ous con­certs at the uni­ver­si­ty and out­side of it. The Depart­ment employs a qual­i­fied staff of out­stand­ing ped­a­gogues with unques­tioned artis­tic and schol­ar­ly achieve­ments.

Solo Singing class­es are taught by: Robert Cieśla, Ryszard Cieśla, Ewa Iżykows­ka-Lip­ińs­ka, Krysty­na Jaźwińs­ka-Dobosz, Izabela Kłosińs­ka, Jerzy Knetig, Mał­gorza­ta Mar­czews­ka, Mikołaj Moroz, Anna Radziejew­s­ka, Jad­wiga Rap­pé, Włodz­imierz Zalews­ki. Lec­tur­ers with a post-doc­tor­al degree: Jolan­ta Janu­cik, Doro­ta Radom­s­ka, Euge­nia Rozlach, Artur Ste­fanow­icz; lec­tur­ers with a doc­tor­al degree: Robert Gier­lach, Mag­dale­na Idzik DMus, Mał­gorza­ta Kubala; assis­tant: Ae-Ran Kim MA, Anna Mikoła­jczyk-Niewiedzi­ał MA, Yeoi-Young Sohn, DMus.
Co-work­ers: Erni Deng MA, Gaosheng Duan MA, Anna Gigiel-Bied­ka MA, Edy­ta Krzemień MA, Jacek Laszczkows­ki MA, Kaja Mianowana MA, Marcin Wort­mann MA, Witold Żołąd­kiewicz, DMus .

Lec­tur­ers of dra­ma sub­jects: Michał Chorosińs­ki MA, Pro­fes­sor Grze­gorz Chrap­kiewicz, Woj­ciech Kępczyńs­ki MA, Mag­dale­na Kizinkiewicz MA, Krzysztof Ogłoza MA, Katarzy­na Skarżan­ka DMus, Mag­dale­na Smalara MA, Jit­ka Stokals­ka MA.

Lec­tur­ers of dance and move­ment sub­jects: Klau­dia Car­los-Machej PhD, Alek­san­dra Dzi­urosz DMus Hab., Agniesz­ka Perzy­na MA, Zofia Rud­nic­ka DMus Hab., Anna Sąsi­adek MA, Bernadet­ta Woj­dat-Sujkows­ka MA, Ryszard Woj­ta­la MA.

From the Aca­d­e­m­ic Year 2010/2011 can­di­dates for the sec­ond degree stud­ies can apply for widen­ing their cho­sen Major with mul­ti­me­dia sub­jects, in a form of an indi­vid­ual plan of stud­ies, as part of the project called the Inter-Uni­ver­si­ty Mul­ti­me­dia Pro­gram (MSM) run by the Depart­ment of Sound Engi­neer­ing, which is a con­tin­u­a­tion of the project co-financed by the Oper­at­ing Pro­gramme “Human Cap­i­tal” as part of the Euro­pean Social Fund.

Dean: Pro­fes­sor Ryszard Cieśla, DMus Hab.
Deputy Dean: Assis­tant Pro­fes­sor Jolan­ta Janu­cik, DMus Hab.

Sec­re­tary: Katarzy­na Kic­man MA, (tel. 22 2789 222), Agniesz­ka Ciesiel­s­ka MA, (tel. 22 2789 249)
e‑mail: w4@chopin.edu.pl
Room 307, tel. (48) 22 2789 222,  22 2789 249

last modified: 25/06/2018