In the aca­d­e­m­ic year 2006/2007, on the motion of the pianist and teach­ing com­mu­ni­ty, the Sen­ate found­ed the Chair of Piano, a merg­er of two pre­vi­ous­ly exist­ing units: Chair of Piano I and Chair of Piano II. Pro­fes­sor Alic­ja Pale­ta-Bugaj was appoint­ed Head of the Chair.  Cur­rent­ly Head of the Chair of Piano is Pro­fes­sor Jerzy Ster­czyńs­ki.
The pur­pose of the Chair is to draw upon the exist­ing rich didac­tic, artis­tic and research achieve­ments to pro­vide stu­dents with bet­ter and bet­ter con­di­tions in which to devel­op their pianist skills by means of sys­tem­at­ic ele­va­tion of the qual­i­ty of instruc­tion.

Didactic activities

Artistic activities

Research and organisational activities

History of the Chair of Piano

Two Spe­cial Piano Chairs were estab­lished in 1957. The con­sec­u­tive heads of the Chairs are giv­en below:

    Chair 1   Chair 2
1957–1964   prof. Zbig­niew Drzewiec­ki   prof. Margeri­ta Trom­bi­ni-Kazuro
1964–1969   prof. Jan Eki­er   prof. Maria Wilkomirs­ka
1969–1972   one Chair — prof. Jan Eki­er
1972–2000   prof. Jan Eki­er   1972–1996 — prof. Regi­na Smendzian­ka
  1996–1999 — prof. Maria Szraiber
2000–2006   prof. Alic­ja Pale­ta-Bugaj   prof. Kaz­imierz Gierżod


Chair Members

Pro­fes­sor Jerzy Ster­czyńs­ki, DMus Hab. — Head of the Chair
Pro­fes­sor Alic­ja Pale­ta-Bugaj, DMus Hab. 
Pro­fes­sor Elż­bi­eta Tar­nawska, DMus Hab.
Pro­fes­sor FCUM Anna Jas­trzęb­s­ka-Quinn, DMus Hab.
Pro­fes­sor FCUM Paweł Kamińs­ki, DMus Hab.
Pro­fes­sor FCUM Elż­bi­eta Karaś-Krasz­tel, DMus Hab.
Pro­fes­sor FCUM Joan­na Ławrynow­icz-Just, DMus Hab.
Assis­tant Pro­fes­sor Agniesz­ka Prze­myk-Bryła, DMus Hab.
Assis­tant Pro­fes­sor Tomasz Lupa, DMus — Sec­re­tary of the Chair
Assis­tant Pro­fes­sor Kon­rad Sko­lars­ki, DMus
Assis­tant Karoli­na Nadol­s­ka, DMus
Assis­tant Moni­ka Quinn
Assis­tant Radosław Sobczak
Lec­tur­er Janusz Ole­jniczak
Lec­tur­er Włodz­imierz Paw­lik, DMus Hab.


Pro­fes­sor Andrzej Dutkiewicz, PhD, emer­i­tus
Pro­fes­sor Bro­nisława Kawal­la-Rysz­ka, emer­i­tus
Pro­fes­sor Piotr Paleczny, emer­i­tus
Pro­fes­sor Jerzy Roma­niuk, emer­i­tus
Pro­fes­sor Maria Szraiber, emer­i­tus, e‑mail:
Pro­fes­sor FCUM Maria Gabryś, DMus Hab.



last modified: 10/05/2018