The Chair was found­ed on 1 Octo­ber 1957 on the basis of the deci­sion of the Depart­ment Coun­cil approved by the Sen­ate. Its first head was Pro­fe­sor Ire­na Dubiska. She based her work on quite sim­ple Work Rules, which pre­sent­ed three direc­tions of action: teach­ing, schol­ar­ly activ­i­ty and edu­cat­ing and pro­mot­ing aux­il­iary staff.

The plan of work of today’s Chair is not much dif­fer­ent from those tra­di­tion­al direc­tions of action. What was added to them is the artis­tic and orga­ni­za­tion­al activ­i­ty. As part of its teach­ing activ­i­ty in class­es of vio­lin, vio­la, cel­lo and dou­ble bass the Chair does the assess­ment of the course of tests and exams, teach­ing meth­ods, selec­tion of reper­toire, as well as teach­ing staff.

The Chair mem­bers are out­stand­ing instru­men­tal­ists – soloists, cham­ber musi­cians, and orches­tra musi­cians giv­ing con­certs all over the world. They are lec­tur­ers at mas­ter cours­es in Poland and abroad, par­tic­i­pate in the work of jury mem­bers dur­ing nation­al and inter­na­tion­al com­pe­ti­tions, hold the func­tions of experts and par­tic­i­pate in min­is­te­r­i­al com­mit­tees and teams assess­ing the lev­el of artis­tic edu­ca­tion at music schools of all lev­els. The Chair orga­nizes mas­ter cours­es for stu­dents, to which it invites world-renowned artists. In the past few years such cours­es were run by Igor Ois­trakh (vio­lin), Yair Kless (vio­lin), Georg Hamann (vio­la), and Wolf­gang Kloss (vio­la).

Chair Members

Full Professors

Andrzej Gęb­s­ki, DMus Hab. — Head of the Chair
Bauer Andrzej, DMus Hab.
Krzysztof Bąkows­ki, DMus Hab.
Roman Lasoc­ki, DMus Hab.
Marek Mar­czyk, DMus Hab.
Andrzej Mysińs­ki, DMus Hab.
Krzysztof Pode­jko, DMus Hab.
Tomasz Strahl, DMus Hab.
Mag­dale­na Szczepanows­ka, DMus Hab.
Sła­womir Tomasik, DMus Hab.

Professor at the FCUM

Adam Bogac­ki, DMus Hab.
Piotr Hausen­plas, DMus Hab.
Maria Orze­chows­ka, DMus Hab.
Doro­ta Sapiecha-Sroczyńs­ka, DMus Hab.
Jan Stanien­da, DMus Hab.

Assistant professors with a doctoral degree

Agniesz­ka Marucha, DMus Hab.
Janusz Wawrows­ki, DMus Hab.
Katarzy­na Bud­nik-Gałąz­ka, DMus
Jakub Jakow­icz, DMus


Michał Bryła
Woj­ciech Koprows­ki, DMus. — Sec­re­tary of the Chair
Maria Machows­ka-Sza­łach
Aga­ta Szym­czews­ka
Kami­la Wąsik-Jani­ak

Senior Lecturer

Marceli Szcz­erek


Pro­fes­sor Tadeusz Gadz­i­na, em., DMus Hab.
Pro­fes­sor Kon­stan­ty Andrzej Kul­ka, em.
Pro­fes­sor Andrzej Wró­bel, em., DMus Hab.
Pro­fes­sor FCUM Ryszard Duź, DMus Hab.
Rafał Kwiatkows­ki, MA
Piotr Mazurek, MA
Pauli­na Sokołows­ka, MA
Mateusz Szmyt



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