The Chair of Choir Con­duct­ing was estab­lished in April 1976. The Chair was head­ed by Pro­fes­sor Józef Bok until Octo­ber 1999. For the 3 years (1999–2002) it was head­ed by Pro­fes­sor Andrzej Banasiewicz, next 3 years by Krzysztof Kusiel-Moroz, and next 3 years by Pro­fes­sor Ryszard Zimak. It is now head­ed by Pro­fes­sor Bog­dan Gola.

When the Chair was estab­lished the exam­i­na­tion cri­te­ria for appli­cants for con­duct­ing were devel­oped. Spe­cial atten­tion was paid to such prob­lems as the tim­bre of the vocal ensem­ble, inter­pre­ta­tion of vocal and vocal-instru­men­tal pieces rep­re­sent­ing dif­fer­ent his­tor­i­cal peri­ods. Two prob­lem units were also devel­oped: voice and score read­ing. The Chair con­vened at ple­nary meet­ing and also organ­ised open meet­ings which even­tu­al­ly evolved into Nation­al Meet­ings of Con­duct­ing Ped­a­gogues. At these meet­ings the fol­low­ing prob­lems were dis­cussed: meth­ods of exam­in­ing appli­cants, ter­mi­nol­o­gy in the work of the con­duc­tor, dif­fer­ent inter­pre­ta­tions of the same pieces, reper­to­ry choice in the train­ing of con­duc­tors, expres­sion of con­duc­tor ges­tures, the ren­der­ing of medi­ae­val monodies and Renais­sance and baroque choir music. The pro­file of activ­i­ties of the Chair of Choir Con­duct­ing was shaped to a large extent by the con­sid­er­able inter­est in such aspects of vocal ensem­bles as tim­bre, inter­pre­ta­tion and con­duct­ing tech­nique as well as psy­cho­log­i­cal rela­tions between the con­duc­tor and mem­bers of the choir.

Many out­stand­ing choir­mas­ters pre­sent­ed lec­tures at Chair meet­ings, e.g., Janusz Dzię­cioł, Stanisław Kul­czyńs­ki, Ste­fan Stuli­grosz, Jad­wiga Gales­ka-Tritt, Józef Bok, Antoni Sza­l­ińs­ki, Hen­ryk Woj­narows­ki, Ryszard Zimak.

In Feb­ru­ary 1996 the Chair of Choir Con­duct­ing cel­e­brat­ed its twen­ti­eth anniver­sary. The cel­e­bra­tions end­ed with a con­cert of choir music by Clau­dio Mon­tever­di sung by stu­dents of the AMFC Depart­ment of Music Edu­ca­tion and con­duct­ed by Wolf­gang Bruned­er from Vien­na.

In 1996–1999 Pro­fes­sor Ryszard Zimak was the act­ing head of the Chair. He led to the pre­sen­ta­tion of a cycle of con­certs enti­tled “Inter­pre­ta­tions of Choir Music”. At these con­certs sev­er­al dif­fer­ent choir ensem­bles pre­sent­ed an inter­est­ing reper­toire in a vari­ety of styles. The cycle was very pop­u­lar with the War­saw pub­lic.

One of the major events in the his­to­ry of the Chair was the estab­lish­ment of the Chair of Choir Con­duct­ing at the Depart­ment in Białys­tok in Octo­ber 1998 with pro­fes­sor Vio­let­ta Bielec­ka as Head.

The Third Fes­ti­val of Music School Choirs from the War­saw Region was organ­ised in Ciechanow in April 1999 in co-oper­a­tion with the Cen­tre for Artis­tic Edu­ca­tion. The win­ners of the main prizes were grad­u­ates of the Depart­ment of Music Edu­ca­tion (now Depart­ment of Choir Con­duct­ing, Music Edu­ca­tion, Church Music, Rhyth­mics and Dance).

Chair Members

Pro­fes­sor Bog­dan Gola, DMus Hab. —  Head of the Chair
Pro­fes­sor Krzysztof Kusiel-Moroz, DMus Hab.
Pro­fes­sor Ewa March­wic­ka, PhD Hab.
Pro­fes­sor Wan­da Tchórzews­ka-Kapała, DMus Hab.
Pro­fes­sor Sławek A. Wróblews­ki, DMus Hab.
Assis­tant Pro­fes­sor Dar­iusz Zimnic­ki, DMus Hab. — Sec­re­tary of the Chair
Assis­tant Pro­fes­sor Aga­ta Górecz­na-Jakubczak, DMus
Assis­tant Pro­fes­sor Tomasz Hynek, DMus
Assis­tant Pro­fes­sor Anna Perzanows­ka-Tara­siuk, DMus


Pro­fes­sor Andrzej Banasiewicz, DMus Hab., emer­i­tus
Pro­fes­sor Ryszard Zimak, DMus Hab., emer­i­tus
Joan­na Malu­ga, DMus



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