Coordinators for enrolment procedure and studies for foreign students

Office of Teaching Management and Students’ Affairs (Dział Nauczania)

Duties con­nect­ed with the super­vi­sion over for­eign stu­dents of intramural/extramural stud­ies and trainees, as well as duties con­nect­ed the enrol­ment pro­ce­dure and the course of stud­ies of for­eign stu­dents and trainees are coor­di­nat­ed by the Office for Teach­ing Affairs:

Post­grad­u­ate Artis­tic Train­ing
Ms. Mag­dale­na Michal­s­ka

Intramural/extramural stud­ies
Ms. Justy­na Zając

Office of Teach­ing Man­age­ment and Stu­dents’ Affairs (Dzi­ał Naucza­nia)
Room 405, 2nd floor, phone (48 22) 826 46 41 ext. 212, (48 22) 826 46 34, fax (48 22) 827 83 10

last modified: 05/06/2014