Professor Stanisław Moryto, DMus Hab. (1947–2018)

Out­stand­ing con­tem­po­rary com­pos­er, organ­ist and ped­a­gogue. He was born on 8th May 1947 in Łąck near Nowy Sącz. He grad­u­at­ed from the State High­er School of Music in War­saw: he stud­ied Organ Play­ing under Feliks Rączkows­ki (1971) and Com­po­si­tion under Tadeusz Paciorkiewicz (1974). In the peri­od of 1973–81 he was Chair­man of the Pol­ish Music Youth Asso­ci­a­tion “Jeuness­es Musi­cales de Pologne”, and from 1981 to 1997 he was Chair­man of the People’s Insti­tute of Music (from 1992 called the Pol­ish Insti­tute of Music), mem­ber of the Nation­al Coun­cil of Cul­ture (1984–1990) and the Pro­gramme Coun­cil of the Nation­al Insti­tute of Fry­deryk Chopin (2007–2010). He was the ini­tia­tor and Artis­tic Man­ag­er of the fes­ti­val Organ Music Con­ver­sato­ri­um in Leg­ni­ca (1986–2011). In the peri­od of 1996–2002 he was Vice-Rec­tor, and then (2002–2005) Dean of Depart­ment of Com­po­si­tion, Con­duct­ing and The­o­ry of Music at the Fry­deryk Chopin Acad­e­my of Music. Dur­ing the peri­od of 2005–2012 he has been Rec­tor of the Fry­deryk Chopin Uni­ver­si­ty of Music in War­saw, where he is Full Pro­fes­sor. He is a Doc­tor Hon­oris Causa of Keimyung Uni­ver­si­ty in Daegu (South Korea).

He start­ed his con­cert activ­i­ty as ear­ly as he was a stu­dent. He per­formed many times as a soloist and cham­ber musi­cian in Poland and Aus­tria, Bel­gium, Bul­gar­ia, Czech Repub­lic, Den­mark, Fin­land, Spain, Ger­many, Hun­gary and Italy. He did record­ings for radio broad­cast­ing sta­tions and record com­pa­nies such as: Pol­skie Nagra­nia, Sonot­on Pro Viva, Acte Préable, BeArTon.

He ini­ti­at­ed pub­lish­ing series of ear­ly and con­tem­po­rary Pol­ish organ music, e.g.: “Cra­cow Organ Tab­la­ture”, “Gdańsk Organ Tab­la­ture”, “War­saw Organ Tab­la­ture” (17th Cen­tu­ry), “Con­ver­sato­ri­um Col­lec­tion” and a series titled “First music edi­tions of Pol­ish com­posers”.

His com­po­si­tions have been record­ed on a few dozens of Pol­ish and for­eign LPs and CDs (8 of which are author’s record­ings), and per­formed dur­ing con­certs and music fes­ti­vals in Poland and abroad (Aus­tria, Bel­gium, Belarus, Bul­gar­ia, Czech Repub­lic, Den­mark, Esto­nia, Fin­land, France, Greece, Spain, the Nether­lands, Japan, Cana­da, Kaza­khstan, South Korea, Cuba, Lebanon, Lithua­nia, Latvia, Moldo­va, Ger­many, Nor­way, Rus­sia, Slo­va­kia, Switzer­land, Swe­den, Turkey, USA, Vat­i­can, Hun­gary, Great Britain, Italy). He is a lau­re­ate of nine com­posers’ com­pe­ti­tions. He was award­ed with a num­ber of prizes at com­posers’ com­pe­ti­tions, and oth­er dis­tinc­tions: Award of the Town of Leg­ni­ca (2000), the Broth­er Albert Award (2008), the Włodz­imierz Pietrzak Award (2009), Award of the Phono­graph­ic Acad­e­my (“Fry­deryk”) in the cat­e­go­ry “The Com­pos­er of the Year” (2010), Award of the Min­is­ter of Cul­ture (1995, 2011). In 2007 the Grand Mas­ter of the Sov­er­eign Mil­i­tary Order of Mal­ta award­ed him with Crucem, Mag­ni Offi­cialis, and in 2011 Pres­i­dent of the Repub­lic of Poland dec­o­rat­ed him with the Knight’s Cross of the Rebirth of Poland.

The most impor­tant com­po­si­tions: Noc­turne for Bari­tone and Cham­ber Orches­tra (1975), Ver­set for Organ (1979), Rap­sod for Female Voice and String Orches­tra (1979), “Das Echo fern­ster Glück­serin­nerung” for Bari­tone and Cham­ber ensem­ble (1981), Aria and Chorale for Solo Vio­lin (1982), A tre for Two Accor­dions and Per­cus­sion (1984), Can­tio Poloni­ca for Organ (1985), Vers libre for Solo Per­cus­sion (1985), Con­ducts for Two Accor­dions and Organ (1987), Per uno solo for Per­cus­sion (1988), E-la for Solo Accor­dion (1989), No Title for Bass Clar­inet and Marim­ba­phone (1991), Con­cer­to for Cel­lo and String Orches­tra (1992), Antiphones for Sopra­no (Mez­zo-sopra­no) and Organ (1992), Three Psalms for Mixed a cap­pel­la Choir (1994), Te Deum for Sopra­no, Mixed Choir and Wind Orches­tra (1995), Holy God for Sopra­no, Tenor and Mixed a cap­pel­la Choir (1996), Five Kurpie Songs for Female a cap­pel­la Choir (1997), Veni Cre­ator for Organ (1998), Sta­bat Mater for Sopra­no, Mixed Choir and Sym­pho­ny Orches­tra (1999), Pre­ces pro Polo­nia for 8 Voice Mixed a capel­la Choir (1999), Madri­gals for Mixed a cap­pel­la Choir (1999), Carmi­na Cru­cis for Reciter and Per­cus­sion (2000), Bit­ter Lamen­ta­tions for Sopra­no (or Mixed Choir) Reciter, Wind Quin­tet, Per­cus­sion and Organ (2001), Ave Maria for 5 Voice Female (or Chil­dren) Choir (2001), Five Songs to lyrics by Eliasz Rajz­man for Female Voice and Piano (2002), Four Songs for Sopra­no and Piano (2004), Mis­sa solem­nis. Hom­mage à Josquin Desprez for Sopra­no, 3 Voice Mixed Choir and 6 Brass­wind Instru­ments (2004), Con­cer­to for Per­cus­sion, Harp and String Orches­tra (2004), Mis­sa bre­vis pro Defunc­tis for Mixed a cap­pel­la Choir (2005), Sev­en Kurpie Songs for Mez­zo-sopra­no and Piano (2006), Con­cert­ing Music for String Quar­tet and Sym­pho­ny Orches­tra (2007), Five Kurpie Songs for Mixed a cap­pel­la Choir (2008), Litany for Mez­zo-sopra­no, Alto and Organ (2008). Offer­to­ria for a cap­pel­la Choir (2009). Over­ture for Orches­tra “The Year 1410” (2010), Four Pieces in the Pol­ish Style for String Orches­tra (2011).

last modified: 07/06/2018