Professor Maja Nosowska

I began to learn the piano when I was four. I com­plet­ed all three steps of my music edu­ca­tion and grad­u­at­ed from the State Col­lege of Music in War­saw as Mas­ter of Fine Arts in the class run by Pro­fes­sor Natalia Hornows­ka and Jerzy March­wińs­ki. I then con­tin­ued to improve my piano skills under Pro­fes­sor Tatiana Niko­laye­va at the P. Tchaikovsky Con­ser­va­to­ry in Moscow and also under Gui­do Agosti, Ricard Bren­go­lo and Alain Meu­nier at Accad­e­mia Chi­giana in Sien­na.

Already as a fresh­man at the War­saw Col­lege of Music I began to take inter­est in cham­ber music to which I have devot­ed my entire pro­fes­sion­al life, both as a per­former and as a teacher. I won a prize at the First Inter­na­tion­al Con­tem­po­rary Music Com­pe­ti­tion in Utrecht in 1968 where I played with a vio­lin­ist, I was giv­en a con­grat­u­lat­ing let­ter by the jury of a com­pe­ti­tion in Vienne in 1969 when I accom­pa­nied a singer, and then I was giv­en many more diplo­mas and awards for this type of activ­i­ty at oth­er nation­al and inter­na­tion­al com­pe­ti­tions.

Since then I have been per­form­ing very active­ly all over Europe, in the USA and Cuba, where my part­ners have been such out­stand­ing musi­cians as Kaja Danc­zows­ka, Jad­wiga Rap­pé, Oleg Krys, Ivan Monighet­ti, Milos Sad­lo, Michael Flaks­man, Jean Fournier, Wolf­gang Marsch­er and many, many oth­ers.

I play many forms of cham­ber music and many styl­is­tic gen­res. In 1971 Bar­bara Hal­s­ka and I set up the War­saw Piano Duet and in 1974 Kaja Danc­zows­ka, Tadeusz Woj­ciechows­ki and I formed a trio. I have also co-oper­at­ed in the role of harp­si­chord play­er with sev­er­al Pol­ish cham­ber orches­tras: T. Ochlewski’s, K. Teutsch’s and J. Maksymiuk’s. I have made a num­ber of record and radio-tele­vi­sion record­ings for Pol­ish Radio and Tele­vi­sion and many Euro­pean broad­cast­ing hous­es. I feel a spe­cial affin­i­ty to the music of Schu­bert, Brahms and Szy­manows­ki but I also like French music very much.

Another form of activity

My real pas­sion is teach­ing which occu­pies just as much room in my life as per­form­ing and record­ing. I have been work­ing for many years at the Fred­er­ic Chopin Acad­e­my of Music where I lead a cham­ber music class. For sev­er­al years now I have also been teach­ing cham­ber music at the F. Chopin Sec­ondary Music School in War­saw. I am espe­cial­ly ded­i­cat­ed to the artis­tic song. I have also con­duct­ed mas­ter cours­es in Poland and abroad: at State Cal­i­for­nia Uni­ver­si­ty Fres­no, Nord Hol­land Fes­ti­val Alk­maar, Accad­e­mia Tranese. Just recent­ly I have coached singers and pianists at a course at Epsom Col­lege (Eng­land) at the Col­la Voce Sum­mer School.

I am inter­est­ed in var­i­ous sys­tems of music edu­ca­tion through­out the world and whether or not they can be trans­ferred to our con­di­tions here at home. In par­tic­u­lar, I am look­ing close­ly at the appro­pri­ate and con­scious use of the body in singing and play­ing musi­cal instru­ments as well as in the com­mu­ni­ca­tion of artis­tic ideas.

My deep con­cern for the need to keep this “instru­ment”, i.e., the human body, in good order has led me to estab­lish the Saint Cecil­ia — Health for Musi­cians Foun­da­tion. The main pur­pose of this foun­da­tion is to bring to pro­fes­sion­al musi­cians the aware­ness that they must con­tin­u­al­ly care for their own psy­cho-phys­i­cal fit­ness and that of their stu­dents (pro­fes­sion­al pre­ven­tion) and I even­tu­al­ly plan to devel­op a reha­bil­i­ta­tion cen­tre for musi­cians.

When I am not work­ing I like best to walk in the moun­tains, the woods or the coun­try­side … and go to the cin­e­ma.


Pro­fes­sor Maja Nosows­ka

last modified: 26/07/2017