Professor Jerzy Romaniuk

Jerzy Roma­niuk began his music edu­ca­tion in Pro­fes­sor Zyg­munt Jesman’s class at the Sec­ondary Music School in Łódź. He stud­ied at the State Col­lege of Music in War­saw under the out­stand­ing ped­a­gogue, Pro­fes­sor Zbig­niew Drzewiec­ki, in 1963–1968. With­in just a few months of his grad­u­a­tion he had his debut at the War­saw Phil­har­mon­ic where he played Johannes Brahms’s Piano Con­cer­to D-minor.

He con­tin­ued his stud­ies at the Moscow Con­ser­va­to­ry under Pro­fes­sors Jakub Zak and Eliso Wirsal­adze. At the same time he trav­eled in the Sovi­et Union giv­ing con­certs and recitals. When he returned to Poland Jerzy Roma­niuk began to teach at the State Col­lege of Music in War­saw (now the Fry­deryk Chopin Uni­ver­si­ty of Music). He led mas­ter cours­es for pianists: four in Hol­land (1992–1995) and two in Zakopane (1994, 1995). He has been a pro­fes­sor in the piano mas­ter class since 1997. He has been award­ed for his teach­ing many times:

Jerzy Roma­niuk has been on tours to many coun­tries, e.g.: Unit­ed King­dom, Ger­many, Bel­gium, Spain, Den­mark, Italy, Yugoslavia, Hun­gary, Czech Repub­lic, Cuba, France, Aus­tria, the Arab Emi­rates and Chi­na. He plays Bach, Scar­lat­ti, Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven, Brahms, Schu­bert, Liszt, Rach­mani­nov, Debussy, Rav­el, Szy­manows­ki, Gersh­win, and many oth­ers.

Jerzy Roma­niuk has co-oper­at­ed with many phono­graph­ic com­pa­nies in Poland and abroad. He has record­ed many records, above all with Chopin’s music. He has also co-oper­at­ed many times with the BBC in Lon­don, Radio Hil­ver­sum in Hol­land and Pol­ish Radio and Tele­vi­sion. He has repeat­ed­ly record­ed for DUX since 1991.

last modified: 18/05/2010