Janusz Grobelny, DMus

In 1983 he grad­u­at­ed with hon­ours from the Fry­deryk Chopin Acad­e­my of Music in War­saw, piano class of Pro­fes­sor Regi­na Smendzian­ka. In 1986 he obtained Meis­terk­lassen Diplom under the super­vi­sion of Pro­fes­sor Lud­wig Hof­f­mann at Hoch­schule für Musik in Munich. He obtained the qual­i­fi­ca­tions of the 1st degree in music arts, in the area of instru­men­tal stud­ies, in 1998. The rights con­nect­ed with these qual­i­fi­ca­tions are equiv­a­lent to a schol­ar­ly doc­tor­al title.

The pianist was a five-time hold­er of the schol­ar­ship of the Fry­deryk Chopin Soci­ety, he also won the dis­tinc­tion at the Pol­ish Pianism Fes­ti­val in Słup­sk in 1982. He par­tic­i­pat­ed in the Inter­na­tion­al Chopin Fes­ti­vals in Duszni­ki-Zdrój (1983 and 1987), in 1985 he won the 3rd award at the 12th Inter­na­tion­al Cham­ber Music Com­pe­ti­tion in  Finale Lig­ure (Italy) in the cat­e­go­ry of solo piano.

As a soloist and cham­ber musi­cian he per­formed in Poland and abroad. Play­ing piano con­cer­tos (in G-Major by Beetho­ven, B-flat Major by Brahms, D-Major by Rav­el, Sym­pho­ny no. 4 by Szy­ma­now­ski) he col­lab­o­rat­ed with the fol­low­ing con­duc­tors: M. Gaw­roń­ski, B. Jar­mo­ło­wi­cz, W. Krze­mień­ski, A. Natan­ek, M. Nie­sio­łow­ski, B. Olędz­ki, C. Płacze­k, S. Strah­l, Z. Sza­blew­ski, T. Wichere­k, and J. Wił­ko­mir­ski. As a cham­ber musi­cian he per­formed with K. Bąkow­ski, A. Dut­kie­wi­cz, S. Fir­le­j, E. Gajew­ska, K. Goła­szew­ska, A. Halic­ki, M. Hira­sawa, B. Lisz­ka, S. Toma­si­k, E. Iżykows­ka-Kłosiewicz, and E. Kowal­czyk-Paw­lik. He made record­ings for the Pol­ish Radio, e.g.: Three frag­ments from the bal­let “Pars­ley” by I. Stra­vinsky, Sonata in F-sharp Major op. 53 by A. Scria­bin, and Theme with vari­a­tions in F-sharp Minor op. 3 by F. Brzez­ińs­ki.

Janusz Gro­belny start­ed his teach­ing activ­i­ty at our uni­ver­si­ty in 1987 at the Chair of Piano, Depart­ment of Piano, Harp­si­chord and Organ (piano class­es of Pro­fes­sor R. Smen­dzianka, Pro­fes­sor M. Szra­iber, Pro­fes­sor J. Roma­niuk and Pro­fes­sor A. Dut­kie­wi­cz); then at the Chair of String Instru­ments, Depart­ment of Instru­men­tal Stud­ies (accom­pa­ni­ment in vio­lin class of Pro­fes­sor K. Bączkows­ki). Cur­rent­ly he is a mem­ber of the Inter­de­part­men­tal Unit of Com­pre­hen­sive Piano Stud­ies, Depart­ment of Choir Con­duct­ing, Music Edu­ca­tion, Church Music, Rhyth­mics and Dance.

In the peri­od of 2002–2003 he taught piano class at Keimy­ung Uni­ver­sity in Daegu (Korea) as part of the project called Keimyung–Chopin Aca­demy of Music.

last modified: 03/02/2015