Professor Ella Susmanek-Mysińska, DMus Hab.

Ella Sus­man­ek-Mysińs­ka grad­u­at­ed from the State High­er Col­lege of Music (now the Fry­deryk Chopin Uni­ver­si­ty of Music) in War­saw in 1972 where she stud­ied the piano under Pro­fes­sor Jan Eki­er. She was also hold­er of a schol­ar­ship award­ed by the Fry­deryk Chopin Soci­ety in War­saw.

She start­ed to work as a ped­a­gogue in Octo­ber 1972 at the State High­er School of Music in War­saw. In 2012 she is a tit­u­lar Pro­fes­sor. In the peri­od of 2005–2008 and 2008–2012 she held the func­tion of Deputy Dean of the Depart­ment of Vocal Stud­ies.

She is an active con­cert pianist in Poland and abroad. As a solo pianist she gives recitals e.g., in Łazien­ki Park in War­saw (Chopin recitals at the foot of Fry­deryk Chopin’s mon­u­ment), the Łazien­ki Orangery and the War­saw Music Soci­ety.

In 1970–1973 she co-oper­at­ed with the “Con Moto Ma Cantabile” ensem­ble led by Pro­fes­sor Tadeusz Ochlews­ki. She gave sev­er­al dozen con­certs with this group, at home and abroad, and also made many record­ings for Pol­ish Radio.

Her main focus of activ­i­ty are cham­ber con­certs and recitals with renowned soloists such as: Krzysztof Jakow­icz, Tadeusz Gadz­i­na, Andrzej Ork­isz, Angel­i­ca May, Bog­dan Paproc­ki, Kaz­imierz Puste­lak, Martha Eggerth-Kiepu­ra, Seta del Grande, Ingrid Krem­ling, Bar­bara Zagórzan­ka, Boże­na Bet­ley, Bar­bara Mądra, Elż­bi­eta Ardam, Marek Torzews­ki, Adam Kruszews­ki, Doro­ta Radom­s­ka, Mał­gorza­ta Walews­ka, Adam Zdunikows­ki, Marcin Bronikows­ki, Gwen­dolyn Bradley, Louis Otey and Rose-Marie Todaro.

She has worked for many years at inter­na­tion­al music com­pe­ti­tions where she has co-oper­at­ed with many out­stand­ing ped­a­gogues from Poland and abroad, e.g., T. Kuhne, V. Yagling, A. Zielińs­ki, T. Gadz­i­na, E. Spitzer, H. Słon­ic­ka, H. Lisows­ka, H. Łazars­ka, U. Mitrę­ga, J. Artysz, I. Krem­ling and T. Żylis-Gara.

She is also invit­ed to pres­ti­gious music fes­ti­vals such as “Wratislavia Can­tans”, Music Fes­ti­vals in Łań­cut, the Jan Kiepu­ra Fes­ti­val in Kryn­i­ca, the Karol Szy­manows­ki Fes­ti­val in Cra­cow and Zakopane, the Franz Schu­bert Music Fes­ti­val, the Chopin Fes­ti­val in Gam­ing (Aus­tria), the d’Ete de Lanaudiere Fes­ti­val in Cana­da and oth­ers.

She has played with young artists at over 60 nation­al and inter­na­tion­al music com­pe­ti­tions. Many of these artists have won prizes and awards of dis­tinc­tion.

She was giv­en the Min­istry of Cul­ture and Art award in 1980. She has also won many prizes and awards of dis­tinc­tion in Poland and abroad.

last modified: 05/05/2015