Professor Barbara Halska

A con­cert pianist, retired Pro­fes­sor of the Fry­deryk Chopin Uni­ver­si­ty of Music in War­saw. She con­stant­ly per­forms con­certs and works as a teacher in Poland and abroad.

She stud­ied piano play­ing under out­stand­ing pianists, i.e.: Józef Śmi­do­wi­cz and Jerzy Żuraw­lew. For many years as a cham­ber musi­cian she col­lab­o­rat­ed with M. Flak­sma­n, J. Four­nie­r, A. Heine, J. Jan­kie­le­wi­cz, A. Ger­tle­r, A. Kis­elyov, A. Prin and S. Vegh dur­ing inter­na­tion­al mas­ter cours­es in Baden-Baden, Goslar, Lenk, Łań­cu­t, Sal­zburg and Weima­r.

From the begin­ning of 1980’s she has taught cours­es in inter­pre­ta­tion in solo and cham­ber music play­ing in France and Spain (St. Maur, Ple­rin sur Mer, Le Tou­quet, Valls, Vichy, Gre­nier de la Mothe). She has per­formed with such famous soloists as: Rosa Fajn, Michael Flak­sman, Jean Four­nier, Aldo Pari­sot, Boris Per­ga­men­schi­kov, Cecy­lia Bar­czyk, Jad­wiga Kot­now­ska, Kry­styna Goła­szew­ska, Ele­na Vas­sile­va, and her daugh­ter Bea­ta Hal­s­ka-LeMon­nier. She has run mas­ter cours­es in (among oth­ers): Ren­nes, Stras­burg, Stut­t­gar­t, Gene­va, Tron­dheim, Val­dres and Cherkasy.

She has record­ed numer­ous albums with cham­ber pieces by: P. Boulez, S. Pro­ko­fiev, R. Schu­mann, F. Schu­bert, F. Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, F. Cho­pin, W.A. Mozart, I.J. Pade­rew­ski, A. Tan­sman, R. Twar­dow­ski, W. Lutosław­ski, W. Kilar, M. Bor­kow­ski, A. Sza­łow­ski, Erik Ewa­izen, B. Woy­to­wi­cz, H.M. Górec­ki, P. Per­kow­ski, P. Moss, T. Sze­li­gow­ski, K. Rega­mey for such labels as: Pol­skie Nagra­nia, Veri­ton, Dux, Olim­pia, or Acte Préal­able.

She is an ini­tia­tor and Artis­tic Man­ag­er of the Inter­na­tion­al Cours­es of  Music Inter­pre­ta­tion and Fes­ti­val ‘Hol­i­days with Music’ tak­ing place in Nowy Sącz since 1996. She is also the main ini­tia­tor and Artis­tic Man­ag­er of the Com­pe­ti­tion of Piano Duos held in Białys­tok since 1999.

last modified: 29/01/2014