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Sep­tem­ber 2018

Ladies and Gen­tel­men!

I am extreme­ly pleased to have you as guests at our Uni­ver­si­ty in the new artis­tic sea­son of 2017/2018. It has already been the fifth cycle of con­certs pre­pared by me and the Con­cert Bureau, the cycle of almost one hun­dred con­certs which will take place – as usu­al – on Sun­days and Mon­days and – the most exclu­sive ones – on “Wednes­days on Okól­nik Street”. We shall con­tin­ue the already well-known con­cert series, such as Instru­ment Mas­ters, Our Grad­u­ates and Our Lau­re­ates, so audi­ences will have an oppor­tu­ni­ty to lis­ten to our University’s most tal­ent­ed stu­dents, grad­u­ates and teach­ers, as well as the invit­ed guests.
The reper­toire pre­sent­ed to Warsaw’s music lovers and to all lis­ten­ers will include solo, cham­ber, vocal, vocal-and-instru­men­tal and bal­let works, dif­fer­ing in terms of form, style and time they were writ­ten, reflect­ing the full teach­ing spec­trum of the Uni­ver­si­ty and pre­pared in pro­fes­sion­al coop­er­a­tion with Heads of Chairs, Units and Cours­es, and Deans of Depart­ments. Due to open­ing new majors and spe­cial­ties, such as the long-await­ed Jazz and World Music, the style range of our con­certs shall widen sub­stan­tial­ly.
New­ly-found­ed artis­tic ensem­bles of our Uni­ver­si­ty, com­prised of the most out­stand­ing stu­dents and grad­u­ates and show­cas­ing its lev­el of edu­ca­tion and artis­tic capac­i­ties, will have an oppor­tu­ni­ty to present their skills. The ensem­bles men­tioned above are: Chopin Uni­ver­si­ty Cham­ber Orches­tra, which had its spec­tac­u­lar debut at the end of the last sea­son in our Con­cert Hall, the well-hon­oured and well-known Chopin Uni­ver­si­ty Big Band, con­tem­po­rary dance ensem­ble named Chopin Uni­ver­si­ty Dance Com­pa­ny, and Chopin Uni­ver­si­ty Cham­ber Choir, which is cur­rent­ly being found­ed.
On our stage will be able such renowned mas­ters as Michał Bryła, Jurek Dybał, Szabolcs Esztényi, Philippe Giu­siano, Paweł Gus­nar, Mario Hossen, Jakub Jakow­icz, Urszu­la Janik, Katarzy­na Jankows­ka-Borzykows­ka, Urszu­la Kryger, Hen­ryk Miśkiewicz, Piotr Paleczny, Anna Radziejew­s­ka, Lil­ian­na Stawarz, Tomasz Strahl, Aga­ta Szym­czews­ka, Janusz Wawrows­ki, Pablo Ziegler.
Among the grad­u­ates pre­sent­ing them­selves in the upcom­ing con­cert sea­son will be: Alek­sander Dębicz, Zuzan­na Elster, Joan­na Freszel, Maria Lud­wi­ka Gabryś, Romuald Gołębiows­ki, Mar­ta Grzywacz, Piotr Hausen­plas, Aga­ta Igras, Adri­an Jan­da, Rafał Jani­ak, Adam Kowal­s­ki, Woj­ciech Koprows­ki, członkowie zespołu Kwadro­fonik, Grze­gorz Lalek, Leszek Lorent, Marcin Tadeusz Łukaszews­ki, Agniesz­ka Marucha, Anna Mikoła­jczyk-Niewiedzi­ał, Andrzej Olewińs­ki, Włodek Paw­lik, Leszek Potasińs­ki, sek­stet wokalny muzy­ki współczes­nej pro­MOD­ERN, Michał Sławec­ki, Grze­gorz Skro­bińs­ki, Jolan­ta Sos­nows­ka, Alek­sander Wil­gos, Tytus Wojnow­icz, Grze­gorz Wołcza­ńs­ki, Igna­cy Zalews­ki, Marcin Zdunik, Prze­mysław Zych czy członkowie # Ensem­ble.
Accord­ing to cus­tom, in the upcom­ing sea­son we have planned con­certs of orches­tra ensem­bles of the Uni­ver­si­ty: sym­pho­ny orches­tra, cham­ber orches­tra, wind orches­tra, all of them con­duct­ed by out­stand­ing artists, such as: Piotr Borkows­ki, Michał Dworzyńs­ki, Rafał Jani­ak, Vladimir Kirad­jiev, Nicholas Krauze, Janusz Przy­byl­s­ki, Robert Rum­be­low or Moni­ka Wolińs­ka.
Like in pre­vi­ous years, the brochure includes a list of nation­al and inter­na­tion­al-lev­el con­cert achieve­ments of our stu­dents from the last aca­d­e­m­ic year plus the infor­ma­tion about their teach­ers, with a divi­sion into dis­ci­plines, Chairs, and Depart­ments. The most hon­oured prize-win­ners will be pre­sent­ed in the cycle known as Our Lau­re­ates.
Among the numer­ous events we offer, I would like to draw your atten­tion to the cer­e­mo­ny of pre­sent­ing the title of an Hon­orary Doc­tor to Pro­fes­sor Szabolcs Esztényi, mono­graph­ic jubilee con­certs of the com­posers con­nect­ed with our Uni­ver­si­ty – my great pre­de­ces­sor Pro­fes­sor Stanisław Mory­to and Pro­fes­sor Andrzej Dutkiewicz, con­cert as part of the 4th Igna­cy Paderews­ki Fes­ti­val, stu­dent pre­sen­ta­tion of Pyotr Tchaikovsky’s Eugene One­gin at the hos­pitable venue of the Great The­atre – Nation­al Opera, pre­miere per­for­mance of Mar­i­an Borkowski’s Sym­pho­ny, or – like in pre­vi­ous years – con­cert of the out­stand­ing musi­cians of Sin­fo­nia Varso­via.
Once again, I would like to cor­dial­ly thank heads of Warsaw’s cul­tur­al insti­tu­tions – Nation­al Phil­har­mon­ic and Nation­al Opera – for the oppor­tu­ni­ty to con­tin­ue coop­er­a­tion and for cre­at­ing new artis­tic projects pro­mot­ing our stu­dents’ skills and tal­ents as part of annu­al con­certs of our grad­u­ates and oth­er artis­tic forms.
Pre­sent­ing the con­cert cal­en­dar for the aca­d­e­m­ic year of 2017/2018, I would like to thank Deans of Depart­ments, Heads of Chairs, Units and Cours­es, Direc­tors of Orches­tras and the FCUM Choir, and espe­cial­ly the employ­ees of the Con­cert Bureau, for their help in its prepa­ra­tion.
I hope that the upcom­ing sea­son will again give you many intense music thrills.

Pro­fes­sor Klaudiusz Baran

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