Promotion of Polish chamber music of the 20th and 21st centuries in Estonia


On 20–23 April 2018 in Tallinn and Tar­tu, Esto­nia, con­certs fea­tur­ing the FCUM’s pro­fes­sors and stu­dents as part of the project called “Pro­mo­tion of Pol­ish cham­ber music of the 20th and 21st cen­turies in Esto­nia”, which was co-financed by the Min­is­ter of Cul­ture and Nation­al Her­itage and Authors’ Asso­ci­a­tion ZAiKS, were held. The events were very suc­cess­ful.

The Eston­ian Acad­e­my of Music and The­atre (EAMT) was the best pos­si­ble organ­is­er: it assist­ed our artists and stu­dents and helped cre­ate a dis­play for the exhi­bi­tion “Around the War­saw Autumn”.

Dur­ing the first con­cert, which was held in Tar­tu, the pro­gramme includ­ed works by Krzysztof Pen­derec­ki, Karol Szy­manows­ki and Alek­sander Koś­ciów. The con­cert was part­ly record­ed by the Eston­ian tele­vi­sion where­as its organ­is­ers, Mar­je Lohuaru and Jakub Jakow­icz, our artist, gave an exten­sive inter­view for that TV. After the con­cert, the Eston­ian side invit­ed the artists and guests for a recep­tion.

Anoth­er con­cert – “Around the War­saw Autumn” – was held in the Cham­ber Hall at the Tallinn Phil­har­mon­ic and was organ­ised by the EAMT and by the Pol­ish Embassy in Esto­nia. The atten­dants were: Arvo Pärt, one of the best-known con­tem­po­rary com­posers, as well as His Excel­lence Grze­gorz Kozłows­ki, Pol­ish Ambas­sador to Esto­nia. The per­form­ers were both our artists — Klaudiusz Baran, Jakub Jakow­icz, Anna Radziejew­s­ka, Piotr Hausen­plas, Andrzej Karałow and Grze­gorz Skro­bińs­ki, and also our stu­dents along with Eston­ian stu­dents. The pro­gramme includ­ed works by Kaz­imierz Seroc­ki, Witold Lutosławs­ki, Paweł Szy­mańs­ki, Dar­iusz Przy­byl­s­ki or Mikołaj Majku­si­ak, as well as Jaan Rääts and Ester Mägi – Eston­ian com­posers con­nect­ed with the War­saw Autumn. After the con­cert, the Pol­ish Embassy invit­ed the artists for a ban­quet, where all per­form­ers and com­posers who attend­ed the event, includ­ing Arvo Pärt, were cer­e­mo­ni­al­ly wel­comed.

The third con­cert was held at the EAMT and it was pre­ced­ed by a mas­ter­class giv­en by our artists – FCUM teach­ers. The pro­gramme of the con­cert includ­ed works by Warsaw’s com­posers — Paweł Łukaszews­ki, Andrzej Karałow, Igna­cy Zalews­ki and – on the Eston­ian side – works by such com­posers as Erk­ki-Sven Tüür, cur­rent­ly one of the most out­stand­ing Eston­ian com­posers who is also con­nect­ed with the War­saw Autumn.

The last con­cert – “Cham­ber Avant-Garde”- also took place at the EAMT. The pro­gramme includ­ed works by the youngest com­posers, includ­ing FCUM stu­dents, such as: Żane­ta Rydzews­ka, Maciej Sułec­ki, Michał Malec, Zuzan­na Koziej and our young female com­posers – Aldona Nawroc­ka and Anna Igna­tow­icz-Glińs­ka. The con­cert was accom­pa­nied by the fes­tive open­ing of the exhi­bi­tion enti­tled “Around the War­saw Autumn”, and it was attend­ed by our artists, rep­re­sen­ta­tives of the embassy, rep­re­sen­ta­tives of Eston­ian musi­col­o­gists and Mar­je Lohuaru, Natal­ie Sakkos and Piret Väin­maa – rep­re­sen­ta­tives of the EAMT and ECMTA (Euro­pean Cham­ber Music Teach­ers’ Asso­ci­a­tion), who organ­ised the project on the Eston­ian side.

The con­cert was pre­ced­ed by the lec­ture giv­en by Alek­sander Koś­ciów on the adverse mutu­al impact of cham­ber music and com­po­si­tion skills, and after the con­cert there was a Round Table debate with Pol­ish and Eston­ian com­posers on the alter­nat­ing influ­ences of Poland and Esto­nia as part of the War­saw Autumn fes­ti­val.

All con­certs and all accom­pa­ny­ing events – com­posers’ debates, lec­tures, dis­cus­sions – were record­ed by sound engi­neers in Esto­nia. The project proved very suc­cess­ful in the opin­ion of our artists, organ­is­ers and the audi­ence.

Every­body counts for the con­tin­u­a­tion of the idea of the project.


Pho­to Katarzy­na Jankows­ka-Borzykows­ka, Mar­ta Straszyńs­ka oraz Adam Mazurek



last modified: 21/05/2018